PARC Center Programs

1. Day Habilitation - The Day Habilitation Program serves over 45 individuals in three different programs. The participants of this program have more severe disabilities than those involved in the vocational department. The participants in this program are not appropriate for a work setting but spend a portion of every day volunteering at various local charities and organizations (i.e.. Meals on Wheels, Westchester County Medical Center, AIDS Related Community Services, Putnam Hospital Center). PARC Center acts as a home base for these individuals. They spend the morning before program and the afternoon after at PARC Center. Here they work on volunteer projects and socialize.

2. The PARC Clinic The PARC Clinic currently serves approximately 160 individuals. Each week 130-140 of these individuals are seen, providing an average of 150-180 sessions per week, or between 13,000 and 15,000 sessions per year. In addition, 109 of these patients are involved in vocational/day habilitation programs at PARC Center. The services available through the clinic are as follows: individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, psychiatry, nursing, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation counseling. Each person receiving treatment has a developmental disability diagnosis. In addition, the majority of these individuals also carry a psychiatric diagnosis, with approximately 50% receiving medication.

3. The Vocational Department The PARC Vocational Department serves 141 adults with disabilities in three programs: Long Term Sheltered Employment, Putnam Industries Factory and Supported Employment. The three programs operate on a continuum basis. Long Term Sheltered Employment offers intensive training and the most staff support for the 80 disabled individuals that attend this program. This program is intended as a long term vocational alternative for individuals with severe disabilities and may in fact for many be their vocational setting for the rest of their lives. Here participants engage in manufacturing and packaging work. These tasks range from simplistic one or two step procedures to more advanced operations. The work the participants perform are contracts awarded through local businesses.

The next level of employment is Putnam Industries Factory program. This program is designed to mimic a workplace in the community. There are currently 21 participants in this program. The participants must apply to the program as though it were a regular job in the community. There are minimum standards that employees must meet. Typical jobs are more difficult than in the Sheltered Workshop and there is less staff supervision. Factory employees are trained on production equipment and taught to do drill press work, welding, shrink wrap and more advanced assembly work.

Participants who are part of the Supported Employment Program are the most independent and they work in the least restrictive environments. There are 40 participants in this program. Some of the job opportunities are seasonal. In this situation an individual will usually work in the factory program over the winter. Some of the employment situations are on a half day or part time schedule and many participants will do additional hours in the factory or sheltered workshop to earn extra money. PARC Vocational Services has several on site supported employment training programs such as: cafeteria/catering, recycling, cleaning/ porter maintenance, lawn crew, Litter Patrols, shipping and receiving and material handling , and bench assembly operations. These programs are awarded employment contracts through local businesses. PARC's reputation with community employers is excellent. PARC supported cleaning crews clean the local television station, churches and county offices. The food service crew operates a cafeteria and caters meals. They also provide hot lunches for the local Mental Health Clinic. The Litter Patrol has a contract with Putnam County to clean the roads of Putnam. Other off site employment includes McDonalds, Ames , ShopRite, Brewster Plastics and other office settings. The participants of the Supported Employment Program receive training and follow along services through a job coach on a daily, weekly or biweekly basis depending on their needs.

PARC Center's employment programs fill not only necessary jobs in the community but lowers the number of people in the county relying on public assistance. PARC Center is vital to the economy of Putnam County.

PARC is committed to the goals of Person Centered Planning and guided in the belief of individualization, inclusion, independence, productivity and choice. A leader in the field of developmental disabilities, PARC has received numerous awards for excellence and program delivery. PARC is a chapter of NYSARC Inc. PARC is affiliated with the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilites (OMRDD) the Taconic Developmental Disabilities Office, the Governors Office for Small Cities, Putnam County Schoool Districts, Department of M ental Health and Department of Social Services.